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domingo, marzo 20, 2005

100 Bands

La cami me presto la Alternative Press #200. Se la compro cuando fue a Estados Unidos. Traia articulos buenos, incluyendo una mini entrevista a Jey Baruchel, el geek de "Undeclared". Esa era una gran serie. Al igual que Freaks & Geeks, una serie teen con buena banda sonora, cancelada!
Lo otro chori que traia era "100 bands you need to know in 2005". La cami me pidio que le dijera cuales eran buenos. Revise y decidi acortar la busqueda a 50 grupos (descartado el noise rock, metal, hardcore). De esos, solo tenia 35, modestia. Y me puse a buscar el resto. Descubri discos excelentes. Y además una guia de early emo recordings que estoy revisando para completar mi discografía emo. He aqui la lista de mis selecciones:

amberlin - never take friendship personal*
bloc party - bloc party ep*-
silverstein - when broken is easily fixed*
halifax - a writer's reference ep*
a thorn for every heart - thing's arent so beautiful now*
punchline - action
dont look down - the fear in love*
action action - dont cut your fabric to this year's fashion*
the matches - e. von dahl killed the locals
as i lay dying - frail words collapse
circa survive - tba*
firescape - dance hall apocalypse
reeve oliver - reeve oliver*
the briggs - leaving the ways
the sound of animals fighting - tiger and the duke*
the breakup society - james at 35*
fear before the march of flames - art damage
torpedo - TBA
death from above 1979 - you're a woman, im a machine*
he is a legend - i am hollywood*
the cinema eye - some nerve *
number one fan - compromises*
i am the avalanche - demos*
comeback kid - wake the dead
read yellow - radios burn faster
cult of luna - salvation
since by man - a love hate relationship ep
nightmare of you - demos*
rehasher - off key melodies
the chariot - everything is alive, everything is breathing, nothing is dead, and nothing is bleeding
no things - coward/trees
vhs or beta - night on fire*
explosions in the sky - the earth is noit a cold dead place*
desden dolls - the dresden dolls
an angle - ...and take it with a grain of salt
circle takes the square - as the roots undo
horse the band - r. borlax
the thermals - fucking a
the futureheads - the futureheads*
streetlgiht manifesto - everything goes numb
a life once lost - hunter
smoke of fire - above the city
yourcodenameis:milo - all roads lead to fault*
gratitude - gratitude*
the arcade fire - funeral *
hellogoodbye - hellogoodbye ep*
mewithoutyou - catch for us the foxes*
small tows burn a little slower - small tows burn a little slower ep *
race the sun - the rest of ours lives is tonight*
the cardinal sin - oil and water
sanawon - little airplane*
we're all broken - campaign moving slow
hawthorne heights *
mando diao - hurricane bar*
the only children - change of living
days awayt - days awat
gatsby's american dream - in the land of lost monsters ep
the honorary title - anything else but the truth*
the living blue - living in blue
decahedron - disconnection_inmminent
the loved ones - the loved ones ep*
armor for sleep - what to do when you are dead*
scary kids scaring kids - after dark ep
matchbook romance*
some girls - all my friends are going death
the new trust - we are fast-moving motherfuckers, we are women and men of action ep
the academy is... - almost here*
emanuel - soundtrack to a headrush *
minus the bear - they make beer commercials like this ep*
bella lea - demos
wires on fire - homewrecker ep
name taken - hold on*
days like these- charity burns green*
voice in the wire - signals in trasmission
the like - i like the like ep
torche - torche
dios malos - dios*
a whilhelm scream - mute print
copeland - in motion*
spitalfield - stop doing bad things*
point line plane - smoke signals
scatter the ashes - devout / the modern hymn ep*
the snake the cross the crown - nmander salis*
big d and the kids table - how it goes
ifihadahifi - no more music
help she can't swim - fashionista super dance troupe
sex positions - sex positions
thhe 89 cubs - there are giants in the earth
lorene drive - savan in super pursuit mode ep
kane hodder - the pleasure to remain so heartless
uneroath - they're only chasing safety*
melee - everyday behavior*
trivium - ascendancy
it dies today - the caitiff choir
moments in grace - moonlight survived*
cartel - the ransom ep*
the esoteric - with the sureness of sleepwalking
the murder of rosa luxemburg - everyone's in love and flowers pick themselves
jesu - jesu
sadaharu - the politics of dancing
brazil - a hostage and the meaning of life*
psyopus - ideas of reference
into the moat - the design
buried inside - chronoclast
decibully - sing out, america
los escucho y he eocntrado unos muy buenos. le grabare los cds a la cami.

Gracias a la tecnologia mi hermano esta en MSN desde su computador en la otra pieza. Le pedi que me hicera un pancito prensado en la tostadora y me dijo "lo queris con aceitunas?". Pense que era una ironia de él. 10 minutos despues me pasa un sandwich, lo pruebo y tenia aceitunas. Ja, me sorprendio.


At marzo 22, 2005 12:46 a. m., Blogger pacha said...

Muy buenos grupos los susodichos.

At noviembre 22, 2005 1:49 a. m., Blogger jenny said...

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